Welcome Back: September 1st

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Hope you all had a lovely summer and kept safe and well throughout. We look forward to meeting you all again on Wednesday, 1st September. 

Please find below a general reminder of our Return to School Procedures, most of which remain the same as last year, with all Covid precautions and restrictions staying in place, for the time being. 

Pupils from Senior Infants to Sixth Class will return at 9 a.m. on September 1st.  The gates will be open from 8.45 a.m. onwards. Please bring all school books and materials to school on Wednesday the 1st of September.  All books, school materials, uniform items and personal belongings should be labelled with the pupil’s name, please.  

Please note that arrival/collection procedures for Junior Infants will differ and a separate email will be sent to the parents of Junior Infants about this.  

The usual morning drop-off and afternoon collection procedures that were used last year will continue this year.  

***Please remember and note: It is School Policy that masks must be worn by all persons, other than pupils, entering school grounds. If, for some reason you cannot wear a mask, you must remain outside the school gates and your child will be brought to you by a member of staff.

Arrival of pupils

We will use the four main gates as entry/exit points again this year. Each gate will be numbered 1-4, and class levels will be assigned to a gate. Each gate will have an entry/exit system in place. 

Gates will open each morning at 08.45, and upon entry, pupils will move directly to their classrooms as directed by staff – pupils will not line up in the yard in the mornings for Covid safety purposes.  Pupils should not arrive at school before 08:45 a.m.  

***Queueing or waiting in groups outside of the gates before this time is strongly discouraged as it leads to increased risk of the spread of Covid-19.  

Gate 1Junior Infants/Senior InfantsGate to Infant yardAccess from carpark
Gate 21st/2nd classesGate to 1st/2nd Class yard (with ramp)Access from carpark
Gate 35th/6th classesLarge double gates into school car parking area (not normally used) Access from road
Gate 43rd/4th classesMain school gate opposite the school office  Access from road

Please note that pupils that bring bikes/scooters to school should dismount before entering the school yard.  

Dismissal of pupils:

To avoid any potential crowding as children leave school in the afternoon, we will stagger the departure times. Please note any change of times from last year’s procedure.

TimeGate NumberClasses 
12.00 (moving onto 12.40, then 1.40)Gate 1Junior Infants
1.40Gate 2Senior Infants
2.35Gate 1First Class
2.35Gate 2Second Class
2.40Gate 1Third Class
2.40Gate 24th Class
2.40Gate 15th Class – Mr. Dwyer
2.40Gate 25th Class – Ms. Farrell 
2.40Gate 46th class 
Collection (afternoon)  

Collection Zones will be used at Gates 1 & 2 for Junior and Senior Infants and First and Second Class pupils. Separate communication will be sent to parents in these classes with details of how this will operate. Parents of pupils from Third to Sixth Class will be asked not to come inside the school gates.