Third Class Science

We have been busy doing experiments in Third Class…
Check out our pictures of three experiments:
1. We did the dancing raisins experiment. We put raisins into still water and they sank, because they are denser than water. Then we put them into fizzy water. The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the water makes the raisins less dense, the rise to the top of the water and release the Carbon Dioxide, then they sink back down. It looks like the raisins are dancing.
2. We simulated the work of the lungs by using a bottle, coloured water, a straw and white-tack. When you squeeze the bottle it pushes out water…just like when we breath out and push out air. When you release the bottle, it sucks in air and makes bubbles in the water…just like when we breath in and suck air into our lungs.
3. We did lots of light experiments. We did some experiments with prisms that we couldn’t photograph as it was so dark! We also looked at rainbows (to see the spectrum of light) and experimented with mirrors.
Look at our photos below!

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