M.E.P. Brian Crowley Visits Scoil Barra!

Brian Crowley is Ireland’s longest serving Member of the European Parliament. He was first elected as a M.E.P. to represent the Munster Constituency in 1994 and has been a poll topper ever since. (BRIAN appears to be ‘in-vogue’ name on this particular big rugby weekend!) This Bandon boy’s popularity does not look like waning anytime soon as he proved to be a big hit with the pupils of Scoil Barra on his visit to the school on Friday last. The pupils of sixth class had invited Brian as their chosen Guest of Honour to speak at their in-school forum on the European Parliament. Brian was greeted on his arrival at Scoil Barra by the members of this year’s Student Council. While making his way across the yard to the sixth class classrooms, he made unscheduled stop to engage with some inquisitive senior infant pupils who were waving at him furiously. Brian faced an intense style of direct no nonsense questioning from his young admirers who would certainly give Miriam O’Callaghan a run for her money!! “I like you! What did you say your name was again?” quipped one young student as Brian said his goodbyes and continued on his journey to rendezvous with our sixth class students. The forum was a huge success! Brian’s natural ease talking with the students, his sense of humour, his refreshing openness about his political and personal life immediately won over his captive audience. At the end of the session, Brian was presented with a gift from the sixth class pupils as a momentum of his visit to the school. I somehow got the impression that Brian will remember his visit to Scoil Barra for all the right reasons!

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