Friday 13th: Pupils Home at 12 noon

As you are aware the Department of Education (DES) are still introducing, on a phased basis, a New Language Curriculum for Primary Schools. Training for teachers is ongoing. We have been instructed (Circular 45/2019) to carry out 2 half days’ training this year, one in the second term and one in the third. This will take the form of webinar training which is staff-led. We could not ascertain a date for the training this term until the webinar was released and available. We are now in a position to decide on a date. In an effort to make this as practical as possible for parents, our In-school Management team have decided that Friday, March 13th would be a suitable day as it leads into the 4-day break that follows for St. Patrick’s Weekend. The children will finish at 12 o’clock on Friday 13th March and do not return to school until Wednesday 18th March (school is closed on Monday and Tuesday 16th and 17th March). Staff will undertake the webinar training on Friday 13th when the children go home at 12 o’clock.