Fourth Class STEM

2022 – 2023


Soap and pepper experiment
Ms Forde’s 4th Class pupils tried out the very popular ‘soap and pepper’ experiment. For this experiment, we used pepper, soap, water and a shallow bowl. We put some water into the bowl and then added pepper into the water. One pupil was chosen to put a finger, dipped in soap, into the water. The class watched on as the floating pepper in the water moved away from the pupil’s finger. Adding soap breaks down the surface tension and, as the water spreads away from the soap, it brings the pepper with it. We really enjoyed this experiement.
Bubble Wands
Science Week – Microscope Study

2021 – 2022


Environmental Awareness and Care – Making Medieval Castles from recycled materials
Living Things – Plants in the Local Environment
Materials – Parachutes
Light – Optical illusion: 3D Hand
Light – Optical illusion: Fish in tank!
This is Science Week!
Materials – Bubble Wands


Tech Week – Coding
Project Research
Volty – the friendly programmable robot!


Engineers Week – Design Your Own Playground
Electrical Engineering – String Telephones
Engineers Week – Blasting Balloons
Let’s build a bridge – Ms Woods
Let’s build a bridge – Ms Forde


Shape and Space – 3D Shapes: Shape Nets
Shape and Space – 2D Shapes
Shape and Space – Angles in the environment

STEM Show and Tell

3D Printing – 5th Class come for a visit!
Engineers Week Playground – Show and Tell