Follow up note 2nd class

To all our dear pupils in 2nd class and their parents.

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. Children, we really miss seeing your smiling faces every day. We hope you are being a great help at home and doing the very best you can.

To all our parents.

This is a challenging time for all of us and we all have our own unique situations in our own homes. We have this firmly in my mind, as we put together a plan of work for the  week.

We have put together a plan that has some specific work to do daily and some choice work, where the children are leading their own learning. As Mrs O’ Sullivan has said, this is optional. Do what you can and remember that every activity you do with your child can have learning in it from gardening to cooking to Busy at Maths!!

If your child has a specific interest in an area, go with it!  That is the best type of learning.

Educational sites are being so helpful but there are so many to contend with. We will recommend a website of the week that ye can explore together. This week’s one is Epic Reading

 NB Enter as a student and enter the code nmm 2829 .  Only available during school hours.

Some things that may help you support key areas of learning this week

Tune into School on TV on RTE 2 every weekday starting on Monday between 11am -12 pm. It is also available on the player. All supporting worksheets and other materials are available on  It sounds promising!

Getting text books online – we may need some of these in the future

 To gain access to these books that we use in 2ndFeena’s Facts, Busy at maths Shadow Book, Master your Maths (Mental Maths) A Small world and lots more

  1. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:
  2. There is an ‘important notice’ message up, allowing all parents and pupils free access to the online books, select ‘click here’.
  3. You will be brought to a dashboard and will see many links for various books. Select ‘primary’ up in the top left hand corner.
  4. Then beside that, you will see ‘level’. Select 2nd class as the level.
  5. If you are looking for Maths Mastery or Busy at Maths Shadow Book you need to select Maths under ‘subject’.
  6. Then beside that you will see a column for ‘series’, scroll down to select the correct title
  7. Near the bottom of the page, the link for this book will appear. You need to click on the eye picture to view the book.
  8. For other subjects go through English or SESE (history, geography, science)

General Use

We will be using some of the resources below over the coming weeks- you may like to explore them

 Twinkl is a super site that has made itself available free to parents. We use it all the time as an invaluable teaching resource. Use the search function to find what you need. The code is IRLTWINKLHELPS It even has school closure packs for every class group so there is something for everyone ranging from maths to writing to mindful colouring

Lots of learning activites for English, Maths, Science, Geography, History

A good way to revise your Maths- check out activities for grade 2 first – tutorials on the left and practice on the right of screen.

 World Book is a safe way to do your research and learn new things . .  If you go first to the scoilnet site and scroll down to the blue section that says Enter  World Book  on line you can enter freely without any usernames or passwords.

Practical and fun ideas for kids according to their age covering TALK, PLAY, READ, WRITE, COUNT

Free during the closure. A delightful way to learn new songs and explore music.

                                Ms Moriarty our support teacher will be in contact in the coming weeks also. If you are looking for older posts always check out the 2nd class blog on the website to find all information to do with our class

Please take care and we hope to see you all soon.

Ms Collins ,  Mr O’ Dwyer and Ms Moriarty