Databiz/Eolas App

For many years now we have been using pupil management software from Irish Company Databiz Solutions called NS Admin. It assists us greatly in the management of our school.

Now we are delighted to announce that DataBiz have added an app called Eolas. It allows parents and guardians to use the Databiz Solutions Website ( and / or the DataBiz Eolas Mobile App to;

  • Receive notifications from the school.
  • Update your contact preferences: your own email addresses and mobile phone numbers.
  • View attendance details and inform the school of reasons for absences.
  • Make payments.
  • Book parent-teacher meetings.
  • View end-of-year reports.

Click on this link to download a summary video of the Databiz Eolas App.

What do I do now?

Download the Eolas App from Google Play Store (search for DataBiz Eolas) or Apple Store (search for DataBizEolas – note no space).

If you have previously registered for School Online Payments USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD TO LOGIN.

DataBiz will text you a verification code and you are ready to start using the Eolas App.

Now you can do everything from your smartphone!

Using the Eolas App

Download (PDF, 571KB)

Installing the Eolas App

Download (PDF, 323KB)