Correct Pencil Grip

Does pencil grip matter?

Yes, it does!

Correct pencil grip:

  • reduces hand fatigue
  • improves legibility
  • increases speed.

Incorrect pencil grip:

  • leads to slow handwriting speed
  • can cause pain during handwriting.

Getting children to correct their pencil grip can be difficult. Change is awkward and takes times. Incorrect grip such as wrapping your thumb around the pencil blocks finger movements. A 4 point grip is just fine as it allows for finger movement.

The above video refers to a crayon but it is the same grip for a pencil. Finger names – thumb, pointer, tall man, ring finger and baby finger. In the song we refer to thumb, pointer and tall man.

Pick and Flick

We also use β€˜pick and flick’ with the children. Lay the pencil on the table with the point facing you. Put your thumb and pointer on either side of the pencil. Pick it up and flick it so that it lays back between the two fingers.

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