Team Spirit!

April 29, 2024 admin 0
The girls were in the F.A.I. Primary 5’s Cork soccer finals on April 26th in Musgrave Park- they were a credit to the school and […]

Soccer Blitz

March 21, 2024 admin 0
Young talents shining bright on the soccer field in Lakewood yesterday! Despite not securing the win at the soccer blitz, they’re all smiles and learning […]

Well done girls!

March 20, 2024 admin 0

Well done to our girls soccer team that participated in the F.A.I. blitz in Lakewood. They showed great determination and displayed lovely skills. They qualified […]

Zoom Call with Michael Smith

March 19, 2024 admin 0

Mr. Dwyer’s 5th Class have been reading Michael Smith’s Tom Crean – Ice Man. They have learned so much about polar explorations from reading this […]

Tom Crean – The Antarctic Explorer

February 23, 2024 admin 0
Mr. Dwyer’s 5th Class have been learning about Tom Crean, the Antarctic Explorer. They are currently reading Michael Smith’s novel, Tom Crean: Ice Man and […]

Still Life Art

January 17, 2024 admin 0
Mr Dwyer’s 5th Class learned how to sketch a still life fruit bowl. Once pupils were happy with their sketching, they moved onto shading which […]

Christmas Concert 2023

December 28, 2023 admin 0
Capturing the enchanting moments from our annual Scoil Barra Christmas Concert – where melodies and festive joy illuminated the alter.

Exploring Literacy!

November 23, 2023 admin 0
Exploring literacy with a twist! Our 5th Class dove into litriú (spelling) using sensory materials like sand, salt, rice, cubes, shaving foam and the power […]


November 21, 2023 admin 0
Both 5th Classes are feeling fortunate as they embark on their ukulele journey, thanks to the guidance of Ms. Twomey.