School Policies

Here are School Policies:

Internet Acceptable Use Policy May 2017Scoil Barra Code of Behaviour 23 Oct 2017Grievance and Disciplinary Policy May 2017Strategy for School Attendance May 2017
Scoil Barra Admissions Policy May 2022Scoil Barra Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cyber Bullying PolicyScoil Barra Safety Statement 23 Oct 2017Checklist for annual review of Child Protection Sept 2021
Scoil Barra Safeguarding Risk Assessment Jan 2018Scoil Barra Child Safeguarding Statement Oct 2018Scoil Barra SPHE Policy Oct 2018Scoil Barra Stay Safe Policy Feb 2019
Scoil Barra Homework PolicyScoil Barra SSLD Class Enrolment Policy January 2019Scoil Barra RSE Policy June 2021Scoil Barra Statement of Strategy for School Attendance
Scoil Barra Anti Bullying Checklist May 2022