Scoil Barra Confirmation 2019

March 15, 2019 admin 0
The pupils of 6th class had a very special day on March 15th when they received the sacrament of Confirmation.  Bishop Harrington presided over the […]

Our Trip to the Aviva

May 18, 2018 admin 0
A team of pupils from Scoil Barra were luck enough to take a trip to the ALDI Play Rugby Tag Festival in the Aviva on […]

Tag Rugby In-School Blitz

May 18, 2018 admin 0
The pupils of 5th and 6th class took part in the Scoil Barra Annual In-School Tag Rugby Blitz on Monday the 14th of May.  All […]

Scoil Barra: A Musical Journey

May 10, 2018 admin 0
As the curtain fell for the final time on Thursday night, there was a definite bittersweet feeling amongst all present. Joy and pride in a […]